A Foreign Trade Zone is a simple and convenient way for your company to save money in your importing and exporting activities. Foreign Trade Zone #18, operated continually by San Jose Distribution Services since 1982, can prove to be a significant monetary advantage in today’s competitive global market offering services such as:

  • Avoid paying duty or excise tax by exporting through the FTZ.
  • Preserve cash flow by deferring duty or excise tax payment until the merchandise leaves the FTZ.
  • Test, manufacture or assemble imported components within the FTZ.
  • Delay paying Customs by holding inventory in the FTZ.
  • Pay the lowest import duty on parts of the finished product.
  • Pay no duty on labor, overhead or profit for FTZ produced commodities.
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Save costs with inverted tariffs, value-added savings, and duty deferral for manufacturing, assembly and distribution.
  • Benefit from U.S Customs supervision and security requirements.

Located within 45 miles of the Port of Oakland, and in direct proximity to almost all of the leading Silicon Valley manufacturers, Foreign Trade Zone #18 is ideally suited to serve your company’s global needs.
Here is a short list of activities that can be done inside of the Foreign Trade Zone; assembly, packaging, destroying, repairing, testing, labeling, sorting, re-packaging, exhibiting, storing, and cleaning.
For more information about San Jose’s Foreign Trade Zone, please visit the city of San Jose’s website.