The words Logistics and Supply Chain have become so generalized
over the past few years that everyone and their mother’s uncle try to sell themselves as a secure third party warehousing resource. Those of us who have decades of warehousing logistics experience, operations like SJDS that have been around fifty years, can prove that customer’s products are secure while in our custody and care. Why? Because SJDS has invested a lot of time, training, and expense maintaining a sanitation program that passes muster for food and medical devices. U.S. Customs Foreign Trade Zone security, quality assurance written procedures, employee’s attitudes, and upper management commitment to excellence, all play important roles in handling our customer’s products just like our customers do. A tour of our facility best exemplifies what we are all about. Organized products in an ultra clean environment says a lot about an operation.
Are the doors closed when not shipping? Is the product thoroughly inspected upon initial receipt? Are there cameras in the facility?
Do the employees wear badges? Are there procedures in place for quarantining products? How are the products tracked during the warehouse cycle? Can the warehouse pass quality assurance audits?
Is a perimeter maintained? Where are the quarantine areas? How are the drivers monitored in the facility?
These are all important factors to consider when you pick a third party warehouse partner. Entrusting a third party warehouse provider to ensure your product is not adulterated while not in your own custody and care is paramount to your company success and liability.